Adelaide Events That You Shouldn’t Miss

Adelaide, also known as the “City of Churches” is well-known for its rich history. The churches built back in the 1500s-1900s are all worth visiting, as everything is so picturesque. Not to be left out though, Adelaide is quickly becoming a lively city – one that hosts a number of pubs, bars, music and art festivals, and classy wineries. The city is also known for its restaurants that are infused with different cultural flavours.
Planning on visiting the city soon? Get a car rental in Adelaide and be comfortable all throughout your trip, plus experience the city without any time constraint. Here are some of the events in Adelaide that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

Crush Festival (January)

Taste different wine, cheese, and food in just one event during the first month of every year. Crush Festival is held every January, with winemakers coming out of their own cellar doors and into the festival for a whole day of celebration. The festival also features live music, with different artists singing tunes that everyone will surely love. Attendees can also shop for wine, food, and fresh produce at a wide array of stalls present at the event.

Tour Down Under (January)

Since 1999, Adelaide has been celebrating one of the biggest cycling events in Australia. Every year, professional cycling teams race on the streets of Adelaide. The event usually lasts for 9 days, and even hosts other activities such as the Subaru Breakaway Series, music festivals, and parties. The race starts and ends in Adelaide’s city street circuits, and plays a big part in Adelaide’s tourism.

Adelaide Fringe (February)

Adelaide Fringe has been around for over 56 years, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the city’s biggest events to date. Each year, the city and its surrounding areas hosts different events for the Fringe. This lasts for about 31 days, with creativity filling the air, and people experiencing the magical and mythical event everywhere in the city. Be prepared to be amazed with big and small pop-ups from and by artists from Australia and all over the world.